NOW AVAILABLE! Video Classes you can do at home.

Supplement your practice at the studio with online classes that you can do anywhere! Even when you can’t get to an in-person class, you can still fit your practice into your daily schedule, with a variety of class options. Most classes are under an hour, with some quick (but effective!) sessions as short as 20 minutes.

Take your practice with you wherever you go – at home, on vacation, or even at the office. With our classes on Vimeo, it’s easy to watch on your computer, Apple or Android phones and tablets, or Roku. (How cool is that?!)

Subscribe and stream all videos for $9.99/month,

or purchase individual classes (yours to keep) for $5.99 each.

Classes are on Vimeo, so you can watch on TV, smart phone, or tablet.

New classes will be added frequently!

Watch this trailer for a preview of the class library.

Led by Addie deHilster, Founder of Spiral Path Yoga Center, these online classes focus on mindful yoga, gentle movement, strengthening practices, and meditation. Many of the classes here will be accessible for those who need a gentler practice, and there are lots of options given for modifying poses to suit your unique needs. There are also active classes, similar to the Stretch & Strengthen format we teach at the studio. If you practice at Spiral Path Yoga, you’ll find familiar sequences drawn from Addie’s regular classes here.

The goal is to empower you to make your practice your own, and we also hope to encourage you to explore the contemplative facets of yoga, blending meditation into the movements in creative ways. Try it, and let us know what you think!