Weekly Class Schedule

With the exception of special events, private sessions, workshops, and trainings, all classes on our weekly schedule are drop-in classes. There is no need to call ahead, but you may register online if you'd like to expedite your sign-in process. (You may click on each class below for registration or more information.)


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When We’re Open

To help ensure a tranquil environment for our classes, we do not maintain an “open lobby.” The lobby is open for the 15 minutes before each class on our weekly schedule. We may be open additional times if there is someone managing the front desk, in which case, come on in!

If you arrive extra early, and the door is locked, don’t worry! Someone will be present soon to unlock and prepare for class.

We try to keep the lobby open for a few minutes after class begins in case of unavoidable late arrivals. If you arrive more than a few minutes late, and the door is locked, we regret missing you and hope to see you next time.