Private Yoga Sessions

Working one-on-one with your teacher allows her/him to completely tailor the yoga to your needs. You learn even more about your own body and how yoga can address your specific concerns than you could in a group class. In part, this is because a one-on-one session creates the opportunity for more dialogue between teacher and student, so you both receive continuous feedback that enhances the experience.

We offer private sessions focused on many needs and interests, such as:

  • Addressing a health issue or injury with therapeutic yoga
  • Creating a good yoga foundation for a beginner to prepare for group classes
  • Refining your practice and answering questions about the poses specific to your body
  • Developing a personalized home practice to reduce stress, or improve sleep, or relieve pain, or reach a fitness goal, etc.
  • Working towards a special challenge pose (or set of poses)
  • Learning to incorporate meditation along with your yoga practice

Your first session will likely include some observation and assessment, in which the teacher will look for imbalances or patterns that can become a focus of your customized yoga practice. If you have any injuries or other issues, the teacher will take those into thoughtful consideration when creating a beneficial yoga program for you. One-on-one sessions also may allow the teacher to give you more extensive hands-on adjustments or prop setups that are highly effective but impractical in a group class. Private sessions are typically 60 minutes.

Contact Us to inquire about scheduling and pricing.