Passport to Yoga

Passport to Yoga: Explore and Earn a Discount!

For the month of November, explore six or more Passport activities at SPY, and you’ll receive 15% off your next class pass!

Enjoy Passport activities such as: attending different classes at the studio, going to a meditation session, bringing a friend who’s new to SPY, writing a Yelp review about the studio, or giving our online yoga classes a try.

You get to choose which six activities you do (and most of them are probably things you’ve been meaning to do anyway!). It’s easy, and you can even do some of them at home.

How to play:

1) First pick up a Passport card at the studio.

2) When you complete an activity, have the front desk stamp your passport. For the online activities, you’ll need to show us the proof on your phone.

3) Get all your stamps by the end of November!

4) Hold on to your completed card until you’re ready to redeem it, then bring it in for a discount.

Once you have six stamps (for six different activities), you can redeem your Passport for a 15% off discount on your next class pass. You can apply this discount anytime throughout the coming year, but cannot combine it with other discounts or offers (so, save it for a time when class passes are not on sale).