Spiral Path Yoga aims to bring the beauty of a regular yoga practice to everyone. Everyone means people of all abilities, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Spiral Path Yoga aspires to be a center for practice that is welcoming (and feels welcoming) to people of all levels of fitness and ability, all body types, all ages, all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, all gender identities and sexual orientations, all religious or non-religious philosophies, all socio-economic statuses, and all other personal identifiers not named here. We genuinely intend to create a dynamic environment of inclusion where all yogis can enjoy learning from each other.

We greatly value this community of yoga students, who have been growing together for a few years now. When you enter our space, one of the first things you’ll see is the “Wall of Gratitude.” Under the studio’s previous tenure as TheraYoga, the need arose to relocate to the space we have now. Many of our students generously contributed toward the unanticipated costs of renovating and creating our current home. The mural in the lobby includes their names as an expression of gratitude and a reminder of the power of community.

Community Classes

In service to our community, we offer some classes on a donation (or pay-what-you-can) basis. Almost all of our meditation sessions are offered by donation, as well as community yoga classes taught by guests, staff, and graduates of our teacher training programs. (Check our online schedule for community class dates and meditation sessions.)

Donation-based classes allow both teachers and students to practice generosity. All students are welcomed to community/donation classes, regardless of financial means. However, there are costs involved in presenting these classes. Those who have the means to contribute make it possible for others to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation without financial strain or worry. We thank you for your thoughtful generosity practice!