We offer a variety of classes in different styles, seven days a week.

Classes range from beginner to intermediate levels (depending on your skill and experience), and from gentle to vigorous practices (depending on your mood, health, and energy level).

Many of our classes are adaptable for those with injuries, aches and pains, disabilities, or chronic conditions. Yoga is known to be beneficial for many states of body and mind! Note: If you have an active or recent injury, or an ongoing condition, please check with your trusted healthcare professional before trying yoga. Even though a class may take a gentle and therapeutic approach, it’s best to respect the body’s timing. You may also call us beforehand to discuss which classes would be most appropriate and beneficial for you.

Meditation, particularly in the Mindfulness tradition, is also a significant influence in many of our classes. Some classes include formal meditation practice, seeking to more fully integrate the postural yoga practice with the stillness of seated meditation. Other classes may engage the arts of mindfulness and concentration in more subtle ways, depending on the background of the teacher.

Our intention is to serve a broad range of yogis – of different ages, backgrounds, fitness levels, and interests – so we hope you’ll find a class that suits your needs! Feel free to contact us if you need some guidance in choosing a class to attend.