Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of classes in different styles, seven days a week. Classes range from beginner to intermediate levels (depending on your skill and experience), and from gentle to vigorous practices (depending on your mood, health, and energy level).

Many of our classes are adaptable for those with injuries, aches and pains, disabilities, or chronic conditions. Yoga is known to be beneficial for many states of body and mind! Note: If you have an active or recent injury, or an ongoing condition, please check with your trusted healthcare professional before trying yoga. Even though a class may take a gentle and therapeutic approach, it’s best to respect the body’s timing. You may also call us beforehand to discuss which classes would be most appropriate and beneficial for you.

The room is kept at a comfortable temperature range for all of our classes (we do not practice “hot yoga.”)

Stretch & Strengthen – This class uses Hatha Yoga to balance the body in a satisfying, well-rounded practice that includes active yoga poses and breath work, and often incorporates corrective exercise techniques, mindful movement explorations, and restorative yoga poses. Props are used to support the student and help to alleviate physical imbalances or limitations, allowing students to experience the wonderful integrity of proper alignment. You will learn more about your own body, posture habits, your weak and/or tight spots, and how to practice so that the yoga poses truly serve your health and wellbeing. This is a moderate level class, more challenging than Gentle Yoga, but less vigorous than Classic Flow.

Gentle Yoga – Gentle Yoga is an accommodating approach to Hatha Yoga, designed to comfortably increase flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength. Props are used to modify poses to accommodate individual needs, so that students can learn correct alignment and practice with a sense of balanced effort. Your posture will improve, and you will learn how to breathe more fully, release stress, and develop your concentration. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for beginners, students looking to ease back into yoga, those recovering from an illness or injury, or who simply prefer a lighter, slower-paced class.


Yoga Basics – This class is an introduction to active yoga practice, with an emphasis upon learning alignment and form, while gaining familiarity with classic yoga poses. A typical class includes dynamic warm ups, gentle stretches, Hatha yoga poses, restorative poses, and breath work. Yoga Basics is designed to be do-able and interesting for multiple levels, whether you are new to yoga, would like to refine your understanding of fundamental yoga skills, or favor a gentler challenge. Props (like blocks and yoga straps) are used not only to make poses safer and more comfortable, but to allow students to experience what healthy alignment feels like in their individual bodies.

Classic Flow – In these classes, the emphasis is upon flowing mindfully from pose to pose, while moving with the breath.  Sun Salutations will be part of the practice, but the flow will vary from class to class. This class is similar to the popular Hatha Flow or Vinyasa Flow style, which has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga. Considered an All-Levels class, Classic Flow is more challenging than Gentle Yoga and faster-paced than Stretch & Strengthen or Yoga Basics, but appropriate for fit beginners and continuing students.

Yoga for Back Care – This class focuses on practicing postures in a way that enhances the health of the back and spine. You’ll learn to relieve tension in the back body, from the neck to the sacrum, and you’ll also strengthen your core to support proper alignment of your spine. This class is designed to be therapeutic in nature, and moves at a pace that will allow you to care for any injuries or issues you may have (such as chronic back pain, scoliosis, spinal disc injuries, stenosis, or sacro-iliac pain). This class is similar to our Yoga Basics and Stretch & Strengthen classes, except that it focuses specifically on back health each week. All are welcome to attend, whether you have back pain, or just want to prevent it!

Gentle Chair Yoga – Gentle Chair Yoga is a therapeutic offering of yoga that focuses on mobility, postural ease, and breath. You will utilize the chair as a seat or support to make poses accessible, and to find new ways to stretch or strengthen the body. The class incorporates both restorative postures and meditation. It is designed for everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga. This class is ideal for those who struggle to move up and down from the floor (due to knee or hip injuries, arthritis, etc.), but it is also enjoyable for yoga students of any level who seek a gentle, stress-relieving class.

Accessible Yoga – Accessible Yoga is a class formatted to fit your unique body! The practice is designed specifically for persons living with disabilities, chronic pain, recovering from injury, or for anyone who would like to ease into the movements of yoga. This is a yoga class for any ability level. We use props (such as chairs, blocks, cushions) to support your body and satisfy your unique needs so that your breath may flow and you may participate in the movements with ease. All postures, including ones traditionally done standing, as well as heart openers, twists, balance postures, and spinal flexion can and will be adapted to the individual, even if you cannot stand or cannot come down to the floor. The pace of the class will be slow and accommodating with friendly guidance from the teacher. Contact us to ask if you have questions about whether this class would be right for you. Caregivers are welcome to participate, or to hang out and take a break!

Self-Massage & Gentle Therapeutics – This class combines therapy ball massage work with gentle somatic movement exercises and therapeutic yoga techniques. This work is designed to re-teach your brain and nervous system to release problematic holding patterns throughout the body. Self-Massage is also an effective way to heighten your awareness of the body so that you can learn to be more fully present in your physical form. The movements are gentle enough for anyone, including those with injuries, and they complement the therapy ball work by developing improved motor control over your muscles.

Yoga Tune Up® and Self-Massage – Yoga Tune Up® is a movement modality that incorporates corrective exercise, yoga, self-massage with therapy balls and a blend of other movements to eradicate pain and improve posture and performance. It’s fun and challenging, yet accessible. Yoga Tune Up® will help you live better in your body.

Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation – In Mindfulness Yoga, we do the physical asana practice in a way that brings the development of mindfulness to the foreground. Our practice also serves to prepare the practitioner – in body, mind, heart, and energy – for formal meditation. Classes will be suitable for all levels of practitioner, and from week-to-week will explore different combinations of gentle yoga, mindful movements, active standing poses, Yin Yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), and walking meditation. 15-20 minutes of formal seated meditation will be included in each class. This practice is a great fit for yogis interested in adding meditation to their practice in an accessible way, and also for meditators seeking a more embodied contemplative experience.

Meditation & Practicing Presence – Take a peaceful mid-day break on Thursdays and learn to meditate with Avry. You will be guided through a variety of meditation techniques, in a series of short sitting sessions. In between meditations, you can discuss your questions with the teacher and fellow students. You’ll build your confidence as a meditator as you learn to breathe, relax, and calm your mind!

Meditation & Discussion Group – Our Tuesday evening meditation group is an informal gathering for those interested in Mindfulness Meditation. Anyone is welcome to join us, and instructions are available for those new to the practice. We take time for silent sitting, listening to recorded talks about practice and philosophy, and for discussing these themes as they relate to our own experiences.

Yin Yoga & Meditation – Yin Yoga consists of seated and reclining poses that are held passively for 3-7 minutes at a time.  These poses are designed to stimulate your body’s natural energy system – called Chi by the Taoists and Prana by the ancient yogis of India. Yin Yoga is like acupressure that you perform on yourself through gentle stretching along the energetic meridians. This style is a wonderful complement to a more active (Yang) yoga practice, as it provides the balance of stillness. Yin Yoga is also extremely helpful for anyone suffering from low energy or stress, as it recharges your batteries and brings harmony to the body and mind. Holding the poses for several minutes at a time also presents the opportunity to begin exploring meditation, or to bring your existing contemplative practice into your yoga. This class is appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike.

Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga unwinds tension, rejuvenates the body, and re-balances an overstimulated nervous system. Restorative postures are fully supported by props, such as blankets and bolsters, so you can truly let go and enjoy. This class is ideal for stress reduction or recovery from chronic pain and illness, as well as deepening the breath, improving circulation, and restoring energy. The practice may also include Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation done while lying in relaxation. This class is appropriate for nearly all students.