About Us

The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.

John Hartford

Studio History

This studio community was born in 2012 at a studio called TheraYoga, founded by Samantha Joseph-Akers with help from Addie deHilster. We started with a vision that yoga therapy could be offered in a group class setting, giving students the opportunity to learn yoga in a healthy way, or to heal injuries and illnesses with the support of community. We spent three years practicing together at our original space on Ocean View Boulevard in Montrose. In June 2015, the studio moved to its current location on Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, with the help of many of our dedicated yogis.

In the Fall of 2015, we announced that Samantha had chosen to step away from studio ownership, and thus Spiral Path Yoga Center was created by a new management team of Addie deHilster, Peggy Burt, and John Valdez. Addie now runs the center, bringing a wealth of professional experience to the day-to-day operations of the studio, from her background in non-profit management, the arts, and of course, yoga and meditation! She believes that studio leadership is a yoga practice unto itself. Together at Spiral Path Yoga Center, our goal is to create an environment that truly exemplifies the studio’s motto: wellbeing, contemplation, and community.

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Our philosophy is rooted in discovering that yoga unfolds on many layers: as our outward journey evolves, we also discover a path of inner wisdom. The spiral, a universal symbol depicted in ancient societies across the globe, represents this personal movement toward deepening well being on all of our layers – body, heart, and mind.

We find spirals in nature, from our helical DNA to the spinning galaxies. For ages, spirals have served as archetypal expressions of the seasons and cycles of life – birth, growth, and change. In some traditions, walking meditation is done within a labyrinth, invoking the spiraling nature of the path in its symbolism.

We also see the practice of yoga – particularly as part of a self-healing journey – as an experience that unfolds as a spiral. At times, you may feel that you are going in circles or losing ground. But, eventually you realize that each time you’ve circled back around, you have deepened in your understanding and your perspective.

Yoga practice helps students improve their health, resilience, flexibility, strength, and balance, so our aspiration is to make these benefits accessible to diverse students of varying ages, backgrounds, and physicalities. Teachers at our studio strive to offer an intelligent yoga practice that can adapt to the individual needs of our students.

We also honor the contemplative side of the yogic tradition, incorporating mindfulness practice alongside yoga, and blending the power of meditation with conscious movement.

Whatever your reasons for practicing yoga, we hope to help support you through the many illuminating twists and turns your path will take.