This summer, Spiral Path Yoga Center is delighted to award the second annual scholarship for our yoga teacher training program, “The Yoga of Mindfulness and Accessibility.”

We created the Yoga Service Scholarship in memory of our friend John Valdez, who was an advocate for making yoga relevant and accessible to a wider portion of the community.

This year, we received numerous applications, including some from people as far away as Berkeley, CA and New Orleans, LA! It was truly inspiring to read about the ways that these yogis dream of serving others, and we were honored to learn of their interest in our training program. The interview process identified several incredibly worthy candidates for the award, so the decision was extremely difficult. However, the scholarship will be going to someone who is extraordinarily well-positioned to make a difference in our local community with her yoga teaching.

Congratulations to the recipient of the Yoga Service Scholarship: Rebeca Andrade!

Rebeca is a longtime yoga practitioner and a member of our studio community, where she often attends classes with one or both of her sons. She has dedicated her career to the education of our youth. Rebeca oversees the Glendale Unified School District’s Early Education and Extended Learning Programs (EEELP), which provide preschool, and before- and after-school care. She is a former classroom teacher and school principal, with a vision for bringing yoga and mindfulness to the students and teachers in the Glendale Unified schools. With two sons in college, her goal of taking yoga teacher training was unfortunately stuck on the back-burner. The Yoga Service Scholarship creates the opportunity for Rebeca to gain the skills, knowledge and practice to share yoga with La Crescenta, Montrose and Glendale youth.

Here are a few words from Rebeca:

“It is truly an honor to be the recipient of this year’s Yoga Service Scholarship! My involvement with practicing Yoga began15 years ago when my sons were children and I was a classroom teacher. My focus was to instill a practice of mindfulness to our incredibly busy and stressful life, as at that time I was also completing my masters degree as part of my teaching credential program. Through the years there were personal transitions and parent commitments that kept yoga more on my mind than in practice. This scholarship is a deeper return to a commitment to yoga and mindfulness with a purpose to share it with others, in particular children, youth and educators. The research into the benefits to children’s attention, academics – and teachers’ capacity to change the learning environment – is something I am looking forward to putting in practice in my field.

Serving children and youth through education is my life-long passion and I am fortunate to have a career that aligns with my vocation. I have 19 years of experience in the field of education and I’m very proud to live and work in our community. I love to travel! I have visited schools, universities, and ministries of educations in other countries and it always impresses me that, once we begin talking, we ultimately discover how much we share in common as we strive to provide quality education. 

While travel has given me new perspectives and instilled in me the desire to photograph our beautiful world, it has been my family who has ultimately defined my life. The two in particular who have shaped and defined all my decisions are my sons, who are now 18 and 21. They changed me forever and I can’t imagine anything better in all my life.”

We look forward to seeing the great impact Rebeca will (no doubt) make after she graduates from teacher training!