This year, we are delighted to award our first-ever scholarship for Yoga Teacher Training. We created the Yoga Service Scholarship in memory of our friend John Valdez, who was an advocate for making yoga accessible to a wider portion of the community.

We received a number of enthusiastic applications, including some from people as far away as Santa Barbara and Orange County. It was truly inspiring to read about the ways that these yogis dream of serving others, and we were honored to learn of their interest in our training program “The Yoga of Mindfulness and Accessibility.”rachel-gonzalez_spyscholarship2016

So, it is with great pleasure that we announce the recipient of our scholarship: Rachel Gonzalez!

Rachel is a sincere practitioner and a member of our studio community, as well as an artist, photographer, and parent. She has already embarked on a meditation training program with Mindful Schools, but had the desire to add yoga to her teaching skills, so that she can bring these practices of body and mind to schoolchildren.

We can’t wait to see the great work she’ll do after she graduates from her yoga training. Congratulations, Rachel!